Documents needed for selling the property in  Majorca

In order to ensure that the sale process of your real estate in Spain pass as a smooth and fast, we recommend to prepare and have on hand following documents:

1. Documents on the purchase of your property, a document confirming this called " Escritura de Compraventa ", which you signed by purchase your property.

2.  Nota Simple  - this is the second document, which confirms your ownership, and also indicates whether there is a mortgage loan that is issued to the property.

3. Receipt of payment of immovable property tax ( IBI ). It is desirable, but not necessarily be in possession of a receipt for payment of a few years, it will show the customer your honesty and openness. If you are selling is not yet unfinished property and it is not registered in the SUMA, you need to ask an architect who is responsible for the construction to prepare the plan of the house, prepare a document on its location, Escritura Compraventa, pictures of the house and provide a local office the SUMA, then the house will be officially registered and you can get all the IBI invoice for the previous period. Typically, these accounts are delivered to your home within 2 years after the completion of construction and should even be paid by you if you were not the owner of the house at the time. If you do not want to pay the bills on their own, it is desirable to calculate the total amount and the buyer to say about it - it is normal practice of doing things.

Remember, an account of IBI, is evidence that the house is officially exists and is correctly    registered for tax purposes. In addition, the account must be provided notary when signing the deal, because they provide information on the cadastral number, which is 1997, it should be included in the list of documents in transactions with real estate.

4. Certificate of no violation ( Certificado de No Infracción Urbanística ). This certificate can be obtained at City Hall, which is attributed to your property. He confirms that the property is not listed for any fines (for example, for unauthorized extension) and / or restrictions on transactions with it from the point of view of City Hall. To get it, you need to come in person or send your lawyer power of attorney to the Town Planning Department (Departamento de Urbanismo) in your town hall.

Which documents are required in order to apply for the certificate:

1. A copy of the contract for the purchase of property (Escritura de Compraventa)

2. A copy of the IBI bills

3. Sometimes, additional confirmation requires account for water and / or electricity

4. The presence of the owner or the person who has the right to sign documents on behalf of the owner

5. The original of your tax number  N.I.E.

6. Certificate of settlement ( LICENCIA DE PRIMERA O SEGUNDA OCUPACIÓN )

This document, issued by the Mayor's Office, and reiterates its readiness to move home. The certificate shall be issued as soon as the housing is completed and received document Certificado Final de Obra (Building Permit issued by the mayor's office), as well as Declaración de Obra Nueva (Declaration on the implementation of the work, which confirms that the work was carried out with the authorization). Remember that if you do not have this certificate, your home is not called home, he formally called the building and is in the process of construction.

It often happens that the developer for a long time does not receive a Certificate of settlement, but in houses / apartments, everything you need, including water may be present, electricity, gas, but the quality can be seriously low level, not to mention the fact that services are provided for the construction in the construction phase, but not for the completed house.

Why is all this necessary?

Even without touching the question of law, pre-prepared documents will help you conduct a transaction "without a hitch", and also will not give the buyer the opportunity for something to question. All documents, you can get the official request from the owner and it is extremely simple.