Buy luxury finca in Mallorca with us as real estate agents

Real estate has always been considered a secured investment, especially if it is located in a desirable region. Among the most sought-after objects in real estate are luxury properties in Mallorca. The largest island of the Balearic Islands on the coast of Spain attracts not only tourists. Those who want to buy a finca in Mallorca usually want to rent it out profitably or enjoy life on the island themselves.

Buy a finca in Mallorca

Whether you want to rent or buy your luxury finca in Mallorca, we can help you find the right property. For living on the island, rental and purchase properties are available in a wide range of price ranges. We can find you fincas in the wild north or touristy south of the island, in the capital Palma as well as in remote bays and beaches. We help you to buy your luxury finca in Mallorca. For example, with us you can find properties that are located on the hillside and close to the finca olive trees and vines. The view to the nearby sea is also possible, a large plot with private pool is included in the price of most luxury fincas. Nature-loving tranquilityis in gorgeous and unspoiled landscapes of Mallorca an unforgettable experience, the privacy of the owners and tranquility is highly sought after when buying a finca in Mallorca.

Best offers at best prices

For every budget and taste you can buy a luxury finca in Mallorca, but not all fincas are the same. The traditional fincas are in contrast to the luxury fincas on the island. Would you like to buy a finca in Mallorca, we are happy to help you with advice and support. Almost every property has a pool - also a luxury finca with sea view we lift of course in the offer. These are mostly found on the west coast, here the Mediterranean Sea lies at the foot of the mountains.

Even in a luxury property, the price is dictated by the location, nestled in beautiful landscapes and country roads that are more reminiscent of times gone by, makes time stand still here. A finca may be traditionally built on the outside, but the interior is transformed to become unbeatable in luxury. A designer kitchen is combined with traditional floor tiles, glass doors and natural stone arches give the finca a special style.

But the style of a finca also depends on the island region, so a luxury finca is always a property for connoisseurs. Those who own a luxury property in Mallorca can enjoy pure relaxation as well as the unique beauty of the island. The attraction for nature lovers means that the finca is surrounded by a lush garden. The flora of the island as well as spacious terraces invite you to enjoy the sun.

If you would like to buy a luxury finca in Mallorca, we are your experienced contact!

Enjoy the tranquility of the island

While fincas in Mallorca used to be the country residence of farmers and plantation owners, today they present themselves as exclusive villas. In addition to lovingly furnished mansions equipped with many amenities, we offer fincas in traditional architecture. Special luxury offers a finca on the island with a generously designed pool and a large sun terrace.

When you buy a luxury finca in Mallorca, you acquire a place to relax in the best locations of the island. Besides relaxing and sunbathing, swimming, diving, hiking and cycling are also possible on the island. Especially the hinterland of the Balearic island can be used for numerous leisure activities. The beauty of the island is used by locals, immigrants and tourists to relax here. The tourist strongholds make there rather an exception.