Buy an entire Island in Mediterranean sea
A story of a dream like reality in Menorca

Rather exception from normal life, but some times indeed the entire islands come in sale. Whatever one person can dream of, having an entire own island of, is certainly depending of imagination only. However here is the unique opportunity to buy an island in best location- just 200 meters to the north from Menorca island.

The island d'En Colom is a small island on the northeast coast of Menorca. It is the largest island of Menorca with an area of 58 hectares.

The island is just 200 meters from Menorca away. The highest hill is around 43 meters height in the Northern part of the island. The landscape is characterized by hills and small canyons. The north coast has cliffs, towards south the hills smoothly decrease and end at the south-west coast with two white sandy beaches.

In 1000 meters of the island - on Menorca is the fishing village "Es Grau" - where there are several shops, bars, ramps for boats, parking etc. "Es Grau" is directly connected to the 10 KM distant capital Mahon.

- The main building in part on two floors and consists of six rooms, all of which are in a good state of preservation. Under a hillside, there is still a storage room of 30m², and an original bread oven.

- The house was built facing south and located in a valley, protected from the wind. It is believed that the construction of the 18th century originated.

- Near the main house there is a device which was occasionally used as a helipad. Moreover, there are stables.

- In the far north of Cala Tamarells there is a 20m2 large wooden hut, which is used for the storage of boats.

- Another built loft 72m² big house is located directly on the coast. The house has the following distribution: a living room of 36m², kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms, and an open loft area is 27m² in size. It is located in a pine forest only 25m from Cala Tamarells.

- There are several other buildings in ruinous state. Furthermore, there are two wells with fresh water. One was at the time turned into a mill, when the island was still used for agriculture and cattle breeding.

Since beginning on the island d'En Colom was used for agriculture and cattle breeding. This was abandoned in the 1930s.

Today the island is a meeting place for the descendants of the family owners, who appreciate it, the summer of this remarkable place, with its crystal clear water and pristine beaches to enjoy.

The island d'En Colom is part of the Natural Park of Albufera d'es Grau. Due to the preservation of this unique Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve. Therefore, no new buildings on the island formed. However, many existing buildings can be modernized. This also extends to the ruinous building.

Posible usage could be for:

- Incomparably luxurious private residence

- Exclusive, unique event location

- Holiday rentals at the highest level with unlimited privacy

- Destination for tourists

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